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What is the difference between paint-based markers and permanent markers based on ink?
Both markers can be used on most surfaces. The advantage of ink-based markers is that they dry out faster on any surface than paint-based markers, but the marking is not as durable. Ink-based markers are easily removed from the surface with conventional solvents, such as alcohols, and also disappear under the influence of sunlight. Markers based on paint are more stable and durable under these conditions.
Why does Markal have so many varieties of markers?
No marker can meet all the requirements. Consider, for example, solid markers for a hot surface. These markers are well marked on a hot surface, but not on the surface at room temperature. On the other hand, conventional solid markers are written on surfaces whose temperature does not exceed 66 ° C, but melts on a surface with a higher temperature. Please check with our managers, or use the filter in the store, an animated catalog or certificates in the "Reference" section.
How can I remove or wash off the inscription?
Most markal markers are designed as permanent markers. However, some of these products can be removed using hazardous solvents such as ketones and acetates. Markal also produces markers with temporary markers, such as W / S-3/8 markers Paintstik and PRO-WASH, whose labels can be removed without the use of dangerous products.
Why do I need to close the cap after use?
When the marker is not used, the paint hardens when it comes into contact with air. When the paint on the tip of the marker hardens, it will not allow further flow (flow) of the paint to the tip, so you can no longer use the marker. Markal markers contain a vapor barrier, which prevents this; they draw air from the tip of the marker, which allows you to extend the life of your marker.
Which paint-based markers are most commonly used?
There are thousands of applications for paint-based markers, but they are most often used wherever strong and wear-resistant markings are required. Paint-based markers are available in various colors and sizes, and often at more extreme temperatures, surfaces and environmental conditions than a conventional ink-based marker. No marker can be used in any situation. Therefore Markal offers a large selection of industrial grade paint markers. Markal has a suitable product for every application, regardless of whether it is a marker based on solid paints or based on liquid paints.
What is the expiration date of your markers?
As a rule, the expiry date of our products is two years. But this does not mean that the product will no longer function after this period. To ensure quality, these products must be stored away from moisture and the lids must be firmly put on when the marker is not used.
Why use Markal paint-based markers?
All Markal markers based on paint are designed and manufactured exclusively for industrial and commercial use. At us you will not receive office supplies, which are sold as industrial products. All Markal products are designed to meet heavy industrial needs and are tested in the most difficult conditions for marking. Markal paint-based markers are sold only through distributors for industrial and welding work, as they are intended for industrial or commercial use.
What is the difference between Valve Action Paint Marker and PRO-LINE HP?
PRO-LINE HP has excellent performance when used on greasy, soapy, damp surfaces, as well as in heavy-duty environments where Valve Action Paint can not be as effective. However, Valve Action Paint Marker dries much faster than PRO-LINE HP, and is also available in fluorescent colors. 
Are spare (replaceable) tips for markers based on liquid paint produced?
Yes! Replaceable tips for the markers of models Valve Action Paint Marker, PRO-LINE HP and PRO-WASH are already available on sale.
How is PRO-WASH with removable markings different from other types in this industry?
The PRO-WASH paint-based markers are semi-permanent markers. This means that they are easily removed: PRO-WASH W-water and PRO-WASH D-alkali with a pH value of more than 10. These markers are usually used where a quality control mark or identification with the numbering of parts in the manufacturing process is required, but after production a clean surface is required for painting.
We need signs that are invisible to the human eye. Are there "invisible markers" Markal?
Yes! Markers UV Visible Valve Action Paint Marker write transparently, but under the ultraviolet light the marking glows in blue. Due to the lack of xylene in the paint formula, the marker is suitable for almost all surfaces and helps in combating counterfeit products and theft.
What makes PRO-LINE HP a high-performance marker?
You can be sure that all Markal products are designed for use even in harsh industrial environments, but some of them work better than others. PRO-LINE HP-based liquid ink is used for safe and reliable industrial marking, but is designed specifically for high performance and adhesion to the oil surface, leaving a strong and permanent marking. PRO-LINE HP meets the most difficult tasks, so you can be sure that you choose a high-performance marker.
How much paint is contained in Valve Action Paint Marker?
Valve Action Paint Marker contains 10 cm³ of paint.
Why do you develop so many markers for cold surfaces, B Paintstik is not suitable for everyone?
Markal B Paintstik is a hard paint pencil that is used in many industries - metal structures, shipbuilding, industrial construction, housing construction and metal production. Markal produces many other markers with hard paint with special compositions for special applications: F Paintstik - fluorescent for more visible marking; B-L and BL-W Paintstik - visible through paint, oil-based or water-based; N Paintstik - markers that are not visible under the paint layer; FAST DRY Paintstik - markers, quickly dry; M and M-10 Paintstik - markers used in heat treatment; WS-3/8 Paintstik - water-soluble markers.
Paintstik markings slowly dry. Can you suggest markers that dry faster?
Markal produces a marker for various applications, not an exception and quick-drying markers. FAST DRY Paintstik and Quik Stik quick-drying Markal color pencils. Other quick-drying markers are markers based on liquid paint and Markal permanent markers based on ink.
For what applications is Quik Stik suitable?
Quik Stik is a color pencil in a protective plastic holder with a cover and is used in environments where clear visible marking and high UV resistance are required. Quik Stik is suitable for smooth, rusty and clean surfaces. Quik Stik can be used wherever permanent marking is required, for example, on car windows, tires, wood and steel.
What makes the Paintstik markers for hot surfaces different from B Paintstik?
Markal produces nine different Paintstik for hot surfaces to mark on hot surfaces of iron, rubber and metal alloys. Each marker is designed to operate within a specific temperature range from 66 ° C to 1200 ° C. B Paintstik suitable for surfaces up to 66 ° C; at higher surface temperatures, the marking burns out.
Is there a marker that can be seen through the paint layer?
Yes! Markal BL Paintstik is used for the top coat of oil-based paint. Markal B LW Paintstik is used for the top coat of water-based paint. A typical application is the use of a marker on clean steel before applying the top coat of paint. When the paint dries the traces are visible through it.
We mark on stainless steel and need a marker that contains a low content of chlorides, halogens and other aggressive chemicals. Does Markal provide the right product for us?
Yes, our line of low-corrosivity markers is regularly tested and considered safe for use on stainless steel, other metals and alloys in many sensitive environments. With a content of less than 200 ppm of chlorides and a total of halogens and less than 250 ppm of sulfur and various low-melting metals, our markers can be used safely wherever corrosion-resistant products are used.
Why does Markal offer markers that do not contain xylene?
Xylene has two by-products: ethylbenzene and toluene, listed as potentially carcinogenic and causing impaired reproductive function. Markal PRO-LINE HP, Valve Action Paint Marker, PRO-LINE Fein and Mikro and PRO-MAX contain neither xylene nor any chemicals. In addition, they do not contain any chemicals that are currently on the lists in "EPA SARA 313" or "OSHA HAPS".
Markal offers three types of pencils for wood: soft, medium and hard hardness. How do they differ from each other?
Markal manufactures SCAN-IT Plus and ULTRASCAN for wood in 3 different degrees of hardness. Why 3 degrees of hardness? Depending on the wood species, wood temperature or the environment, different degrees of hardness are required - Markal provides the right degree of hardness for each job.
Why should I use Dura-INK when I use markers-markers from the supplies for my office?
Markal DURA-ink are permanent markers with felt tips. The marker surpasses in industrial application for reliability, durability and special composition of DURA-ink ink. Markal offers ink markers for any industrial application - from Dura-ink 200 with a large tip size to a Dura-ink 15 with a thin tip.
TRADES-MARKER is an interesting marker. How is it different from China-Marker?
TRADES-MARKER is a mechanical marker with chalk, the length of which is adjustable. In fact, chalk is very similar to China-Marker. The difference is how the chalk "moves" when used. With a China-Marker marker, the user must tear off a piece of paper wrapper to release a piece of new chalk. With the TRADES-MARKER the chalk moves in the holder with the push of a button. Thus, when using TRADES-MARKER, not only paper waste can be avoided, but also the chalk can be consumed in the holder completely, and the holder can be easily reused by equipping with new chalk.
How does Thermomelt differ from temperature measuring pencils?
Markal Thermomelts are a high-performance temperature indicator for 32 precise temperatures in Celsius. With an accuracy of +/- 3% of the nominal temperature, this temperature index is highly accurate and 33% higher than that of competing products. We also offer a wide range of certified Thermomelts for 21 accurate nominal temperatures.
What is Certified Thermomelt?
For certain applications, special precautions are required to ensure that the products used on the sensitive components are not harmful. Some metals, in contact with chlorides, halogens and other low-melting metals, are susceptible to corrosion and quality loss. Our Certified Thermomelts is a pre-certified temperature indicator: each batch is individually tested and certified to meet stringent requirements for use on stainless steel, in the nuclear or defense industry. Whether your job requires certification or you simply provide safety of use, we can offer you more than 20 of the most common temperatures Certified Thermomelts pre-certified.