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The group of companies La-Co Industries, producing products under the brands Markal, La-Co and Tempil offers its customers a wide range of special markers for marking on metal surfaces, during assembly work, metal cutting, manufacturing of metal structures, product marking. Depending on the tasks and requirements of production, Markal offers several types of markers:

• Natural soapstone (chalk welder): FM.400, Soapstone Marker Flat и Soapstone Marker Round;

Special pencils for marking the metal, the marking is clearly visible through the glass and the light filters of the welding mask: Silver Streak Welder Pencil и Red Riter Welder Pencil;

Slates for marking metal of various shapes are installed in metal holders: Silver Streak Round Refills, Silver Streak Refills Flat и Markal Red Riter Refills Flat.