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Markal Pro-Line Fine
(Code: 96871)

Price: 2.32 €
  • Technical parameters
  • Application temperature: -18 °C...+66 °C
  • Max. surface temperature: +100 °С
  • Drying time: up to 5 minutes
  • Line thickness: 1,5 mm
  • Amount in a package: 12 pc.


PRO-LINE Fine marker with liquid quick-drying paint (line thickness 1.5 mm). The thin round tip of the marker and the durability of the paint are an ideal combination for marking or marking on small areas of the surface or for the application of small readable signs. Abrasion resistant paint marker is resistant to UV-exposure and other atmospheric influences. Inks PRO-LINE Fine contain a high concentration of pigment, which allows them to lie well on smooth and rough surfaces with a thin layer.