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Markal Thermomelt Heat Stik
(Code: 86400)

Price: 12.74 €
  • Technical parameters
  • Drying time: after cooling
  • Line thickness: 10 mm
  • Amount in a package: 12 pc.


Thermomelt Heat Stik – universal means of instantaneous determination of temperature on the metal surface in the range from +38 °С to 1204 °С. In this case, a high accuracy of the control is achieved ± 1% within the temperature range.

The thermocarid is a rod consisting of a lacopolymer composite. The rod is mounted in a metal casing, provided with a pocket holder and a rod clamp. The material of the rod melts at a certain temperature, called the value of the pencil. The nominal value is indicated on the pencil case.

Easy and accurate determination of surface temperature:

  • inexpensive alternative to electronic thermometers;
  • ease of operation: no electronics, no recording instruments, anyone can work anywhere;
  • 113 pencils are possible temperature values in the range from +38 °C to 1204 °C;
  • high accuracy: the melting of the mark occurs with an accuracy of ± 1% of the set value.

Principle of operation:

To determine the moment when a certain temperature is reached, a label with a thermal index pencil of the appropriate denomination is placed on the monitored surface. When a certain temperature threshold is reached, the label applied to the surface melts. If the temperature continues to grow, then its polymerization takes place (the inscription hardens). The label is retained even after the surface is cooled. To remove the mark, you must use abrasive materials.


  1. Unscrew the tip of the pencil by 2 turns;
  2. Extend the marking rod to 2-3 mm and wrap the tip, fixing the marking rod;
  3. Stroke the material of the rod on the surface to be checked;
  4. When the temperature indicated on the pencil body is reached, the applied material will melt.

One thermal pencil is enough for 400-500 marks.

Determination of surface temperature in the process:

  • welding and fabrication of metal structures
  • preheating
  • post-weld heat treatment
  • removal of welding stresses
  • annealing, tempering.

Determination of the temperature of units and parts:

  • bearings;
  • transformers;
  • electronic components
  • hydraulic systems
  • heat exchangers

In cases where it is necessary to determine the temperature on metals requiring anticorrosive marker composition model used temperature indicating crayon THERMOMELT HEAT STIK Certified

The price is indicated for 1 pc.