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Markal Thermomelt Heat Stik Certified
(Code: 89100)

Price: 19.20 €
  • Technical parameters
  • Drying time: after cooling
  • Line thickness: 10 mm
  • Amount in a package: 12 pc.


Thermomelt Heat Stik Certified – it is a kind of thermo-pencil Thermomelt Heat Stik certified in accordance with the requirements of the nuclear and defense industry in terms of corrosion resistance in the production of stainless steel and other high-temperature alloys. It is intended for instantaneous determination of temperature on the material surface in the range from +38 °C to 343 °C. In this case, a high accuracy of the control is achieved ± 1% within the temperature range. The thermocarid is a rod consisting of a lacopolymer composite. The rod is mounted in a metal casing, provided with a pocket holder and a pin retainer. The material of the rod melts at a certain temperature, called the value of the pencil. The nominal value is indicated on the pencil case.

Easy and accurate determination of surface temperature:

  • inexpensive alternative to electronic thermometers;
  • ease of operation: no electronics, no recording instruments, anyone can work anywhere;
  • 21 pencils are possible temperature values in the range from +38 °C to 343 °C;
  • high accuracy: the melting of the mark occurs with an accuracy of ± 1% of the set value.


  1. Unscrew the tip of the pencil by 2 turns;
  2. Extend the marking rod to 2-3 mm and wrap the tip, fixing the marking rod;
  3. Stroke the material of the rod on the surface to be checked;
  4. When the temperature indicated on the pencil body is reached, the applied material will melt.

One thermal pencil is enough for 400-500 marks.

Determination of surface temperature in the process:

  • welding and fabrication of metal structures
  • preheating
  • post-weld heat treatment
  • removal of welding stresses
  • annealing, tempering.

Determination of the temperature of units and parts:

  • bearings;
  • transformers;
  • electronic components
  • hydraulic systems
  • heat exchangers

The price is indicated for 1 pc.