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Markal Quik Stik Paintstik
(Code: 61051)

Price: 4.66 €
  • Technical parameters
  • Application temperature: -18 °C...+200 °C
  • Max. surface temperature: +200 °C
  • Drying time: 5-7 minutes
  • Line thickness: 11 mm
  • Amount in a package: 12 pc.


Quik Stik marker pencil with a soft quick-drying paint is designed for most surfaces. The paint falls flat evenly and leaves no lumps, the inscriptions have clearly visible lines. The marking is resistant to atmospheric precipitation, UV radiation, is not afraid of spills of solvents, gasoline, oils and other aggressive substances. The body made of durable plastic prevents the marker shaft from damage and ensures long-term use in industrial environments. The design of the marker with the screw mechanism for the extension of the rod ensures the purity of hands, clothes and tools throughout the entire use of the marker.